Panel Discussion

Interdisciplinarity in Biological Control

Short title: Interdisciplinarity in Biological Control
Chairs: George Heimpel, Nicholas Mills

What is being done to improve the uptake of biological control? A multi-stakeholder perspective

Short title: Improving the uptake of biological control
Chairs: Ulrich Kuhlmann, Jennifer Lewis

Creating synergies among the biological control approaches to promote ‘One Health’

Short title: Biological control and 'One Health'
Chairs: Urs Schaffner, Nicholas Mills

Broadening environmental risk assessment for generalist arthropod biological control agents

Short title: Generalist arthropod biological control agents
Chairs: Barbara Barratt, David Andow

Opportunities for biological control systems and technologies in outdoor vegetable crops

Short title: Biological control in outdoor vegetable crops
Chairs: Richard H. Binks, Ute Katherina Vogler

Developing decision support systems to foster the use of microbial biocontrol agents against plant diseases in the field

Short title: Decision Support Systems to foster biocontrol
Chairs: Philippe C. Nicot, Marc Bardin

Can we help you Overhaul? Forging strengths for exchange of good ones counterfeiting accidental bad ones across the two regions

Short title: Managing invasive pest by South-South Cooperation
Chairs: Gopalsamy Sivakumar, Malvika Chaudhary, Yelitza Colmenarez

Pre-emptive classical biological control: a novel approach to increase preparedness for potential biosecurity threats

Short title: Pre-emptive classical biological control
Chairs: Gonzalo Avila, Barbara Barratt, Mark Hoddle